• HoD's Wisdom

      We Create Knowledge

      Acquisition of a degree from university is not the end and learning is a continuous process. This is more relevant in today's era where, thanks to rapid growth in computing technologies,life of tools and techniques have drastically shorten. Most departments in various capacity produce walking manuals of language and application software. I believe that student with strong theoretical foundation can adept easily to changes in technology and tools used. In a way we are framing future in present. I believe that this approach to teaching-learning, coupled with practical experience gained during industrial training like special Workshops by reputed people, equips my students to handle the challenges posed by the software industry. I am confident that you will find our students worthy of your organization. That is why I say together We Create Knowledge!

    • The Modus Operandi

      I am confidant that this is one of those few departments in the University where every student works on Linux machines only. The students are performing all their programming skills on Linux with the standard languages like C, C++, COBOL, Java and few emerging languages like PERL, Python, Android SDk etc... Linux servers have given them enough opportunity to explore ORACLE,POSTGRESQL, MySQL database servers along with Tomcat & Apache web servers in a true network environment. I am proud to introduce to you some of my student's projects. Do visit Student Projects to appreciate their academic and social work.While many CS educational institutions have shifted focus from core CS and become specialty providers for the IT industry, or else please permit me to say these mass producers of vocationally trained personnel, a few institutions continue to emphasis the pristine science underlying the diverse aspects of computing.

    • Concomitancy

      That is the precise reason why we have achieved in just first year of final going batch what others would take many years.Our Department has produced few professionals(10 to be honest and few are already in pipe awaiting offer letters) and has established a name for itself at the University circles in just first final year batch 2012. I am sure all my final year students will consistently excell in the highly competitive industrial environment. I attribute this success to the winning combination of a dedicated young faculty that works hard at imparting quality education, a well-planned syllabus covering strategy and last but not least, our students.I sure with the focus on the mission very soon we will achieve Industry-ready-product and Society-ready-being;the single most important attribute of the education offered here. Our department has remained true to the vision on which it was founded.

    Prabodh Vekhande

    HoD CSE-IT
    S B Jain Institute of Technology & Management Nagpur hod@sbjitcseit.com